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iphone 12 will come with a 20w type c pd charger

iPhone 20w typc c pd charger
It is said that the new Iphone 12 is planing to come with a 20w pad charger adaptor.
According to the China Quauty certification center, iphone released a 20w pd adaptor with 3C certificate, the certificate No. is 2020010907276061, produced by factory of Flextronics Power Systems (DongGuan) Co.,Ltd, which is one of the adaptor supplier of apple 5W,10W and 18W PD charger adaptor. Model number of this charger is A2244, input is 100-240V,50/60Hz 0.5A, which is available to use all over the world. It supports USB PD fast charge, with 2 lever of fixed valtage output, which are 5V3A,9V2.22A.

At the end of June, a leaker revealed a picture of an Apple 20W charger. Except for the model A2305, the other parameters of the charger are exactly the same as those of the A2244 which just passed the 3C certification. The appearance and manufacturing process of the charger are very similar to the Apple 18W.

Apple’s 18W charger was first came on the iPad Pro. Although all iPhones after the iPhone 8 support PD fast charging, they are only equipped with a 5W charger. It is not until the iPhone 11 Pro series that the 18W PD charger is standard, and the fast charging power of the iPhone can reach up to 23W according to the different power of the series.

iphone 12 pd charger

At present, iPhone fast charging adopts the “high voltage and low current” charging method. The technical principle is similar to QC2.0 many years ago. The charger outputs 9V high voltage into the mobile phone and then converts it to 4.4V required by the battery. The pressure drop is large and the efficiency is low. We tested the iPhone 11 Pro at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees, using Apple’s original 18W charger. The temperature of the iPhone is as high as 42.5 degrees. Because of the large pressure drop and low efficiency, the calorific value is criticized, which also limits the fast charging power. Promote.

At present, the power of the original Apple PD charger covers 18W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, and 96W, of which 29W is delisted due to too little output voltage coverage, and replaced by a wider voltage coverage of 30W. Now the power of 20W charger is only increased by 2W, and the voltage coverage is the same as 18W. According to the division of Apple chargers for many years, it is impossible to launch new models just to increase a little power, so it is very likely that the 20W charger will support revolutionary Charging technology-charge pump charging.

iphone 20w pd charger
Charge pump charging technology has been widely used in Android phones such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Meizu, etc. The charger outputs 9V voltage, and after entering the phone, the 9V voltage is halved to 4.5V through the charge pump voltage divider technology, while the current doubles The voltage difference between the input voltage and the battery voltage is reduced, and the energy conversion efficiency reaches more than 97%, which is much higher than the previous large voltage difference charging scheme. At the same time as the efficiency increases, the calorific value of charging also decreases synchronously, and the charging speed is accelerated. The service life is also improved. It is natural to speculate that the next generation iPhone 12 is likely to adopt this technology.

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