oppo 40w Airvooc wireless charger

OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless charger review

The oppo released the new mobile phone Oppo Ace2 in April 2020, which comes with a 40w super fast wireless charger. The 40W AirVOOC charger has a mat-design which means the phone has to lay horizontally on it to charge. There is a fan to the right that provides cooling via a hidden side vent. The fan, which has a noise level of less than 22dBA, helps to bring down the temperature to under 39°C when charging the device. OPPO claims the charger can fully charge the OPPO Ace from empty to full in just 56 minutes. The charger also supports Qi wireless charging and can be used to charge Qi-compatible phones at up to 10W. Here let’s have a close look of it.

What does Oppo Airvooc wireless charger look like?

Oppo AirVOOC wireless charger

The OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charger is packed in a thick colo box, and the appearance of the product is printed on the milky white box.

According to the printed information on the package, The AirVOOC supports wireless flash charging with a power of up to 40W, charging for five minutes and game for one hour. It is equipped with turbine butterfly wing air-cooled active heat dissipation technology, compatible with Qi wireless charging standard, and passed the German Rhine safe fast charging certification, the cooling fan is quicte silent at night.  

Product model: OAWV01
Input interface: USB Type-C
Color: Polar White
Input: 9V2A / 5V6A / 10V6.5A (Max)
Production date: April 14, 2020
oppo wireless charger

Package of Oppo Airvooc wireless charger.

When you open the package, you can see that the box top is covered with a buffer sponge, and the charger is installed in a plastic tray.

wireless charger oppo
wireless charger OPPO Ace2

The OPPO 40W AirVOOC is a horizontal wireless charger. It is different from the common pad design wireless charger. OPPO AirVOOC flash charger uses a left and right partition design, The transparent window turbo cooling fan is on the left and the right part is the mobile phone placement area.

best wireless charger for oppo Ace2

Because the wireless charging power is up to 40W, and the coil needs to be accurately aligned, the charger also comes with two positioning reminder stickers to remind OPPO ACE2 users to place the volume key on the left area when placing it, so that the mobile phone receiver coil and transmitter coils are perfectly aligned. Once the low-tack, non-marking reminder sticker is torn off, we can see the word AIRVOOC is printed on the wireless charging area. After tearing off the sticker, there is still a positioning silk screen for users to align.

oppo fast wireless chargers

Cooling fan of Oppo Airvooc wireless charger

oppo 40w cooling fan wireless charging
cooling fan wireless charger

On the left side of the turbo fan area is a transparent protective plate, which can protect against the intrusion of foreign objects and make it available to watch the dynamic operation of the fan blade. A white LED indicator light is placed under the fan blade. The normal working condition of the indicator is that the white light is steady on, and it switches to red light flashing if in abnormal conditions. Once Turning off the indoor lights to simulate the night environment, the indicator brightness is soft and not dazzling.

cooling wireless charger
oppo cooling wireless charger

Function of Turbo wireless charger Aircoov

As you can see from the side angle, the edge of the wireless charging tray is convex and concave in the middle, and the left side is two slots for the internal turbo fan to blow out the air. The cold air is surrounded by the convex edge and does not spread out, which can directly affect the entire charger. The wireless charging area is a smart design for the mobile phone and the wireless charger to take away heat at the same time.

oppo turbo wireless charging pad
oppo ace2 wireless charger with cooling

Looking at the bottom of the wireless charger on the other hand, a whole circle of edges are heat dissipation holes, and the location of the middle turbine fan has also been vented.A full circle of rubber feet on the bottom of the wireless charger is left empty in the middle of the semi-circular protrusion for stable placement, and the empty position is used for air intake.The turbo fan inside can be seen through the cooling holes.

oppo wireless charger type C (2)
qi certifacated oppo wireless charger
There is a type C input interface on the side of charger,
The nameplate information is as follows.
Product Name: OPPO 40W AirVOOC Wireless Flash Charger
Model: OAWV01
Input: 9V2A / 5V6A / 10V6.5A (MAX)
You can see the Qi LOGO below, which is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard.

Output compatibility Test of oppo Airvooc

output of oppo ACE2 wireless charger

When OPPO 40W AirVOOC wirelessly charges OPPO ACE2, the measured power reaches 9.93V 4.15A 41.23W, handshake 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging, the screen displays “AIRVOOC” LOGO.

Oppo Airvooc wireless charger & Oneplus

oneplus 8plus wireless charger

OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging charger wirelessly charges OnePlus 8Pro. The measured power reaches 9.95V 3.62A 36.08W, handshake 30W WARP wireless flash charging, and the screen displays “WARP CHARGE” LOGO.

Oppo Airvooc wireless charger & Xiaomi9

Airvooc wireless charger charge xiaomi 9

OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless charger charges Xiaomi 9 wirelessly, handshake 10W wireless charging mode, and the measured power reaches 5.23V 2.42A 12.69W.

Oppo Airvooc wireless charger & Huawei mate30

oppo wireless cjarger charge huawei mate30

OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charger wirelessly charges Huawei mate30, handshake 5W wireless charging mode, measured power 5.25V 1.31A 6.9W.

Oppo Airvooc wireless charger & Mate17 pro​

meizu wireless charger

OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash  charger wirelessly charges Meizu 17 Pro, handshake 5W wireless charging mode, measured power 5.24V 1.74A 9.15W.

Oppo Airvooc wireless charger & Mate17 pro​​

iphone 11 wireless charger

OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless charger wirelessly charges iPhone 11 Pro, handshake 5W wireless charging mode, measured power 5.25V 1.43A 7.51W.

how fast is oppo airvooc wireless charger
As the most powerful commercial wireless charging solution in the current mass-produced mobile phone industry, what kind of speed can I achieve? I can’t wait to see the data. The POWER-Z host computer records the entire charging data. The OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging charger charges the OPPO ACE2. The entire charging process takes only 55 minutes!
As can be seen from the data, the maximum power reached 9.62V 4.47A 43.05W, and the peak high-power platform lasted for about 5 minutes; after that, the power platform dropped to about 28W and remained very stable until 41 minutes. This shows that OPPO AirVOOC turbine cooling fan has obvious effects, which effectively allows the ultra-high-power wireless charging to be maintained on a higher power platform for a long time, stable, and low heat.
After that, the power output dropped to about 23W until 50 minutes, and then gradually lowered. The whole process took 55 minutes and 37 seconds. The 4000mAh battery using a wireless charger can break through the 1 hour mark!
oppo fast wireless charger
Let’s take a look at the change in charging percentage again. OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charger can charge 23% of power for OPPO ACE2 in 10 minutes, 39% in 20 minutes, 58% in 30 minutes, and 77% in 40 minutes. The whole journey takes 55 minutes. This speed is even faster than many wired fast charging products.
The OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charger uses a horizontal active cooling design, a turbo fan with a built-in transparent window, and the bottom is covered with ventilation holes. The wireless action area on the right uses a recessed chassis structure. The two air outlets allow cold air to flow unimpeded between the mobile phone backplane and the wireless charger, allowing the heat that is the headache of high-power wireless charging to be quickly taken away.
From the charging curve, it can be seen that the input voltage is running at about 10V during the whole process. It is speculated that OPPO does not use the 20V high-voltage two-stage charge pump scheme, but uses a higher-efficiency and lower-heat high-current scheme, with two internal high-voltage strings. The battery core is directly charged with high current wirelessly, with high efficiency, low heat generation, and long duration of high power.
In the actual test, the OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging charger charges the OPPO ACE2 with a maximum power of 9.62V 4.47A 43.05W. It takes 58% to charge in 30 minutes. It takes only 55 minutes to charge the whole process, which is more than many wired fast charging solutions. be quick.
In terms of output compatibility, it also has perfect support for the brother model 1+8Pro, which is also equipped with wireless charging for the first time, with a maximum power of 9.95V 3.62A 36.08W. In addition, it supports Qi general standard, charging Xiaomi 9 running at 10W, charging Huawei mate30, Meizu 17, iPhone 11 Pro running at 5W.
In terms of input compatibility, the 65W SuperVOOC charger can exert the full blood performance of 40W wireless output. The wireless output power is about 12W when using the PD charger, and about 16W when using the OPPO charger. In terms of wire, it also needs to be used with OPPO series special contact wire. Conventional AtoC wire has no special contact support and cannot be turned on. The protocol has only 5W output.
OPPO 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging is a product that subverts traditional cognition. As OPPO’s first wireless charging mobile phone, OPPO ACE2 wireless charging was born as the strongest, or it will be the fastest when it is not done. From the market point of view, this will also drive other brands to promote the high-power wireless charging competition. I believe it will not take long for consumers to see high-power wireless charging on most brands. Wireless charging is infinitely possible, and the low-power wireless charging of chicken ribs has not been able to form a climate. It is because it is too slow to use, and today OPPO tells everyone that the era of high-power wireless charging is really here.

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