Mobile phone UV Sterilizer box with wireless charger

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1)UV+O3 Dual sterilizer
2)Input:5V/2A,9V2A ,UV Light output:2W(2pcs x 1W),Fast Wireless Charger Output: 7.5W/10W
3)Two Sterilization Mode::Green Light/10mins Mode, Blue Light/30mins Mode
4)Aromatherapy Function: Works as an essential oil diffuser, add your favorite aromatherapy in the phone sterilizer makes your phone smells wonderful
5)Fast Wireless Charger 7.5W/10W: Fit all the Qi Standby Mobile phones
6)Large Sanitizing Space: New version updated, Box inner size 211*111*27mm with large space great for Jewelry, car keys, masks, mobile phone with a big case.
7)Magnetic Switch: during disinfection working, UV Light/sterilizer box will auto closed when the sterilizer box cover is opened. Protect the body and eyes will not harming.

Please send us an Enquiry for Wholesale price!


UV Sterilizer Box with fast Wireless Charger

Please send us an Enquiry for Wholesale price!

Versatile Sterilization
Equipped with two ozone-producing UVC lamps, and a larger capacity, this UV box can sanitize more than just mobile phones. Working together with UVC light, ozone oxidizes and kills microbes on contact and can sanitize areas that UVC light might not effectively reach. Thoroughly disinfect your phones, face masks, and more.
Wireless charging surface
The top cover wirelessly charges Qi-compatible phones and devices. Capable of fast-charging at up to 10W so you can keep your devices safely charged up and ready to go.
Simple single-button operation
Designed for ease-of-use. Simply lift the lid, place your phone or other items in the box, and push the button. The indicator light changes to let you know when the 30 minute sterilization cycle is complete.


99.9% Sterilization
Qi wireless charging (fast-charge compatible up to 10W)
30-minute sterilization cycle
Simple, single-button operation.



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